Local Woman Found Dead in Greenfield, Boyfriend Charged with First Degree Murder

Eric C. Warsinskey



Karlie Kristine Pierce, 30, born and raised in Watonga, was found dead last Wed. January 4, by her father in Greenfield.

Pierce’s 35-year-old boyfriend Alan Dale Brower has since been charged with her murder.

Pierce was the mother of four children, three of which belonged to Brower.

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office requested the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s investigative assistance Wednesday afternoon with what it was calling a suspected homicide.

According to an affidavit filed at the Blaine County Courthouse on Monday, The Blaine County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call of a dead body in an open field west of Greenfield, near the intersection of county roads 890 and 2560. Deputies found what appeared to be a partially burned female body on the ground next to a pickup truck. That body was later identified using dental records as Karlie Pierce.  The pickup belonged to Karlie’s father, but it had been given to her to drive.

According to the affidavit, Karlie’s father, step-mother and biological mother had all not seen or heard from Karlie in several days and all had been looking for her because they were worried that her boyfriend, Alan Brower, might have hurt her. According to the affidavit, Brower had allegedly physically harmed Karlie several times in the past. Brower also worked for the family as a farm hand and was very familiar with the land were the body was found.

During the process of searching for Karlie a number of her family members went to Brower’s house. The family found it unusual that the floors in the house had been mopped, all of the trash from the house had been removed, clothes had been picked up off the floor and were being washed, and the counters were clean. The family also noticed the strong smell of a chemical in the house, similar to bleach. The family questioned Brower about Karlie’s whereabouts. Brower said he hadn’t seen Karlie in days. One family member later noticed what she thought was blood on the floor of the house, according to the affidavit.

Later on January 5, 2017, OSBI Agents executed a search warrant at Brower’s house. While searching the house, agents found what were believed to be blood stains and blood splatter in several locations throughout the house.

According to the affidavit, on the afternoon of Jan. 4, Brower was taken to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital in Watonga due to injuries he received from an altercation with Pierce’s family members and friends after Karlie’s body was found by her father. Officers with Brower at the hospital noticed a strong smoke smell coming from Brower’s shoes and clothing. Officers also reported that it appeared the hair on Brower’s hands had been burned off up to his wrists. Brower told officers that he had not seen Karlie since before New Year’s, but believed she had been with a male friend in Geary.

Agents later spoke with the male friend that Brower mentioned and he said that he was with Pierce on the night of January 1, 2017, according to the affidavit. The affidavit goes on to state that, late in the evening on Jan. 1, 2017, Pierce and the male friend returned to his home to find that his house had been burglarized. Someone had poured gasoline on the floor in his kitchen and stolen several items from his house. The male friend reportedly suspected that Brower burglarized his home.

According to the affidavit, the male friend left to go to work on the morning of Jan. 2, 2017, Pierce remained at the home. At approximately 9:40 a.m., the male friend reportedly received a text from Brower telling [the male friend] to have Karlie come home or he was going to kill her dog and make it look like the dog was shot for chasing cattle. At approximately 10:10 a.m. on Jan. 2, Karlie saw the male friend and told him she was leaving, but would be back later to see him. The male friend never saw Karlie again.

According to the affidavit, investigators then went back to interview Brower on Jan. 6, 2017, during which Brower stated that he had nothing to do with Karlie’s death or her body being burned. He reportedly admitted to burglarizing her male friend’s residence on the night of Jan. 1, 2017.

Brower also reportedly admitted to making several threatening phone calls to Pierce’s male friend and sending him threatening text messages. Brower stated that he had physically assaulted Karlie numerous times in the past by hitting her, choking her and throwing Karlie against things, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit goes on to state, “[Brower] provided no explanation for the blood found in his residence. The defendant did make it very clear that he was angered that Karlie had been gone and had been cheating on him with [the male friend]. The defendant admitted to consuming a lot of narcotics (methamphetamine, Xanax and marijuana) in the days Karlie was gone with [the male friend]. The defendant could not stand [the male friend] and could not stand the thought of Karlie being with [the male friend] because the defendant thought [the male friend] was nothing more than a predator.”

Later, according to the affidavit, investigators interviewed Adam Collier. The affidavit states that on Jan. 1, 2017, Collier went looking for Karlie at her male friend’s house because Brower asked him to find Karlie. Collier told Brower that he found Karlie’s truck at the male friend’s house. On Jan. 2, 2017, Collier saw Karlie’s pickup parked at Brower’s mother’s house in Watonga at approximately 9:40 a.m.

According to the affidavit, “Collier helped [Brower] clean up the house between the night of January 2, 2017, to the afternoon of January 3, 2017. Collier noticed [Brower] cleaned the master bathroom with bleach. Collier noticed [Brower] burned a mop after using it to clean the floor. [Brower] also immediately burned the trash.”

The affidavit continues, “[Brower] asked Collier to come pick him up at the [farm in Greenfield]. This was the same place where Karlie’s body was found by her father at approximately 2:30 p.m.Collier picked up [Brower] at this place approximately 15 minutes after getting the call from [Brower]. [Brower] was out of breath and had popped out of some trees to be picked up when Collier arrived. Collier took [Brower] to [Brower’s] truck in Watonga.”

On January 5, 2017, The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner identified the body to be that of Karlie Pierce. The preliminary autopsy results showed that Karlie died as a result of blunt force trauma and a broken neck. The preliminary autopsy results showed Karlie was dead prior to being burned as there were no signs of smoke inhalation in Karlie’s lungs.

On the evening of Jan. 6, 2017, at approximately 8:00 p.m., investigators arrested Alan Dale Brower for first degree murder, second degree burglary, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He was arrested at a relative's home in the 100 block of East 3rd in Watonga. Brower was booked into the Blaine County Jail.

Brower was charged with murder in the first degree, a felony, which is punishable by imprisonment for life, imprisonment for life without parole, or by death. He was also charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a felony, which is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years, and a  fine of not more than $5,000.00. And Brower was also charged with burglary in the second degree, a felony, which is punishable by imprisonment for 2-7 years.

No bond was set for the murder charge as Brower was denied bond. A $100,000.00 bond was set for the burglary charge and an additional $10,000.00 bond was set on the unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance charge.

Brower remains in custody at the Blaine County Jail, his next court appearance has not been set at the time of this report.

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