Details of the Budget Deal Reached at the State Capital

The House on Friday passed a $6.9 billion appropriation’s budget.

After many long nights away from my family and long hours out in the district listening to constituent concerns and agency hopes, this seems like nothing short of a miracle.

This was a challenging year. We started budget work in earnest last fall, and in January heard from the five agencies that receive almost 80 percent of state appropriated dollars. Next, we asked all of our appropriations subcommittee chairs to dive deeply into agency budgets to see where efficiencies could still be found. Each committee member rotated through the various subcommittees to get a better overall look at the state budget.

We knew coming into session we had an $878 million hole to fill. This is the amount we were short for fiscal year 2018 to match what we appropriated in FY17. There were plenty of ideas for how to fill this hole, but getting consensus among the 73 Republican members of the House and 26 Democrats, including 32 freshmen members, then getting approval from the state Senate and the signature of the governor proved near impossible. But, we did it; we made it happen. We were able to pull together $578-plus million dollars of recurring revenue for future years.


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