Thoughts and musings from the week that was and no longer is...

I’ve been told that I’m no longer an outsider since I’ve been here for over 4 years now. Unfortunately, my knowledge of farming extends to that one season of The Bachelor with the farmer from Iowa… so I’m still somewhat of an outsider. Think of it like one of those box plot diagrams. I would say I’m just to the left of the lower quartile. Yeah, give it another year and maybe I’ll be the median. So, with that being said… here are my inner ramblings and nonsense from the past week or a week back in the 1990s. Here is a look into the thoughts and musings from the week that was and now is no more...

Last weekend I was driving around in Oklahoma City, exploring different parts of the city I had yet to come across. And while driving around, I came across an endangered species… a Barnes and Noble.

Outside of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, has anyone had a quicker fall from power than Barnes and Noble and other bookstores? Well, maybe Mel Gibson or Phil Jackson.

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