Y'all will have to forgive me this week. It seems I've gone a little deaf from a recent event. How can I tell my hearing's different from any other day? What caused this sudden onset of hearing loss, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. (No cracks. The following is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) Just because David and I spend most of our days talking to each other like we are in an Abbott & Costello skit is beside the point. One of these days I'm going to record us since no one would ever believe it otherwise. (And, naturally, I blame it all on him.)

So anyway, David & I attended one of our granddaughter's high school co-ed cheer competitions in Norman, OK on a lovely Saturday afternoon. This was a perfect excuse for leaving the house since I desperately needed to get away. After over three weeks of no Internet it was either leave the house or go nuts although some might argue that it'd be a very short trip for me. Ha Ha (I heard that. I think.)

We drove to the Lloyd Noble Center where there were thousands of cheerleaders and their "groupies" like Papa and myself that filled the parking lot and arena. I could tell who most of the people were there to support by their clothing. (I wish I owned a school clothing line. We'd be rich.)


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