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Civil Court

Johnson Controls Inc vs Phil The Kool LLC, Indebtedness

Midland Funding LLC vs Dustin Harris, Indebtedness


The Annual T. B. Ferguson Chicken Noodle Dinner turn out was a great success, we had so many supporters show up and enjoy great food.

Spring is just around the corner but don’t let that fool you. I have seen snow on April 7th one year. This has been a year for unusual weather, so be prepared for anything.

The electronics in this house will be the death of me yet. I can just see the write up in the paper: She was found late Saturday night with her hand tightly gripping her house phone.



Live at the Liberty is a concert series started in 2012 that has been on hiatus but is returning to the old Rook Theater this year.



In Loving Memory...

In Loving Memory...