Candidates Officially Named


With local election day scheduled for April 6, candidates across Blaine County have filed their paperwork to run for open seats.

This year, 38 residents across Blaine County filed for candidacy with seven in Geary and nine in Watonga.

The candidates in Geary and Watonga are:


Council Member Ward 2 (4-year term): Anita Carter, Cozetta Johnson, and Lee Posey

Council Member Ward 4 (4-year term): Cody Lane Wright

Council Member Ward 3 (2-year unexpired term): Mary J. Hays

City Clerk/Treasurer (2-year unexpired term): Amy Wood, and Paula Reding


Council Member Ward 1 (4-year term): Julie Almaguer, and Tina Willis

Council Member Ward 2 (4-year term): Dan Humphreys, and Lindsey Doyel

Council Member Ward 3 (2-year term): Allen Cowan, and Ryan Bruner

Council Member Ward 4 (2-year term): Bill Seitter

Council Member At Large (2-year term): Dylan Ford, and Travis Bradt

In the event where a candidate is running unopposed, the candidate has won their respective election and are currently awaiting their certification from the Blaine County Election Board. Each city's municipalities then decide when those winners are sworn in.

If candidates drop out of a race, thus leaving a spot devoid of candidates, the respective city's municipalities then appoint someone to the open position.

Other Blaine County candidates include:


Town Treasurer (4-year term): Rhonda Kuhn

Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 4-year term): Austin W. Brasch, Cleophas Wooley, Greg Ryan, and Justin Schaumberg,


Board of Trustees (Elect 1 – 4-year term): Kenneth Scheihing

Board of Trustees (Elect 1 – 2-year unexpired term): Karren Keeton

Town Clerk (2-year unexpired term): Ayla Tucker


Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 4-year term): Keith Jacks, and Steve Norris

Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 4-year term): Daniel Funkhouser, and Scott Sweeney


Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 4-year term): Angel M. Doyle, and Michael L. Colvard

Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 2-year unexpired term): Jacqueline Holt, and Julia Lindsay

Town Treasurer (4 -year term): Elizabeth K. Moulton, and Misty Mosqueda


Board of Trustees (Elect 2 – 4-year term): Archie Meiseman, Brian Bachman, James D. Minton, and Londa Brickman

While COVID has had its hands in many things this year, Election Board Secretary Brenda Rice said the number of candidates filing in Blaine County this year is about the same as what it usually is.

However, the way things are done when filing was affected due to COVID, and precautions had to be taken.

“We limited one candidate at a time in the office,” Rice said. “Then we sanitized between each one.”