Raul’s Keeping His Head Up


Raul Espinoza keeps his head up in the midst of a challenging year

  • Raul Espinoza Geary High School
    Raul Espinoza Geary High School
  • Raul Espinoza faces off against a Hydro-Eakly player. (Photo Provided)
    Raul Espinoza faces off against a Hydro-Eakly player. (Photo Provided)

In an effort to keep his head up, guard for the Geary boys’ basketball team Raul Espinoza said he still has high hopes for the Bison to achieve their goals during a year heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Espinoza said that basketball is a sport that means a lot to him. That proves true when he speaks about the hard work and effort he puts into the sport.

For example, to continue to contribute to the team, he’s worked hard to improve his ball-handling, he said.

“I see us getting far into the season if we just work hard and work together. We just need teamwork, and I believe we can make it far,” Espinoza said.

Working together as a team is something important to Espinoza as he humbly said that he does not have too many notable accomplishments due to him and his team all being able to do the same things.

Although, if he had to pick something, Espinoza pointed to how he has improved his speed.

Balancing school life and sports can always be a challenge for players and Espinoza has seen these challenges.

“It’s been rough trying to get all my work in and worry about the next upcoming game,” Espinoza said.

However, with the effects of COVID, schoolwork is not the only thing affecting Espinoza’s game eligibility.

“COVID has really negatively affected us because it’s canceled half of our season so we got really out of shape,” Espinoza said.

The Bison have only played three games so far, and are 0-3 on the season.

Despite the negative impact that COVID has had, Espinoza said his goal is to make it to state.

“It just takes effort and hard work,” he said.

As for what keeps him going, Espinoza says that he is inspired by his former basketball coach.

“He has inspired me to try to do great things and to keep my head up,” Espinoza said. His new basketball

His new basketball coach Cory Williams, says he sees plenty of potential in the team despite difficulties they’ve faced this year.

“I am proud of our team's ability to get better each time we are on the court,” Williams said. “COVID has decimated their season and taken away a lot of practice time but they have worked through it and Geary basketball has a bright future.”

Basketball isn’t the only thing Espinoza loves. Drawing is something he also enjoys doing in his free time.

“I'm not that great at it, but it helps me feel relaxed, and if I don't do that I am trying to go hoop around with friends at the park,” Espinoza said.