Weekly Coronavirus Updates

  • Weekly Coronavirus Updates
    Weekly Coronavirus Updates

As of February 2, there were 392,164 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus in the state, up by 1,296 in the last 24 hours according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health. There were 38 deaths reported in the last day. This brings the death toll to 3,602.

In Blaine County, according to emergency management officials, there are 104 active cases.

There are 15 cases in Canton; 15 cases in Geary; 6 cases in Longdale; 14 cases in Okeene, four in Hitchcock and 51 in Watonga. The cases are noted by zip code, so those ill may not live inside the city limits, just in the vicinity.

There are 26,321,120 cases cumulative reported nationally, up 134,339 since the last numbers were released by Johns Hopkins University. There have b e e n 443,355 deaths in the United States, up 2,031 since last report.