Abby Boeckman Shows Determination for Her Team

  • Abby Boeckman (right) poses with her teammate Mary Barton (left) during a game. Photo provided by Brenda Lee Geels
    Abby Boeckman (right) poses with her teammate Mary Barton (left) during a game. Photo provided by Brenda Lee Geels

Hard-working, determined, and team-player are just some of the traits that Watonga Lady Eagles’ guard Abby Boeckman conveys when you speak with her.

Boeckman outlined personal goals for herself that she hopes to achieve, but one thing seems to stand out to her the most: Her team.

Whether it’s attempting to be a leader, working to stay together, or looking at the bright side of things, Boeckman’s team stands at the forefront of her mind.

“I see us going to the state tournament, but we are going to have to stay together as a team and not fall apart,” Boeckman said.

That team-first focus has paid off. She’s helped lead the Lady Eagles to a 9-4 record and No. 17 ranking.

Boeckman continues to work hard at improving her game.

“I have been trying to work on shooting more and be more of an offensive player in games,” Boeckman said.

Bettering herself doesn’t stop there for Boeckman. The main thing on her mind every day is hustling and trying to be more of a leader for her team, she said.

While challenging at times, dealing with schoolwork and basketball hasn’t been something for Boeckman to worry about much as she continues to “stay focused and work extra hard.”

One thing, however, has affected many over the past year, and Boeckman and her team are no different.


“The main way [COVID] has affected us would be not having our coaches for these past couple of games and losing some main players,” Boeckman said. “But we worked hard, pushed through, and came out on top.”

Overall, Boeckman said that the team has been doing “really well” despite the COVID situation, and she sees their goal of making it to the state tournament the same among all players.

The traits that Boeckman conveys don’t go unnoticed as her coach Lauren Campo seemed to echo what Boeckman had said.

“Abby is one of the most hard-working kids I’ve coached,” Campo said. “She is a true team player, and she values the success of the team over anything. It’s an honor to be her coach.”

At the end of the day, Boeckman draws inspiration from not one but a multitude of people, and her reasoning doesn’t come as a surprise.

“My inspiration would be the whole town of Watonga because I don’t want to let anyone down,” Boeckman said. “We are all together in this.”

Up next for the Lady Eagles is district tournament play in Area 1. The team will play Crescent at 6 p.m. Saturday in Watonga. Both teams advance to regional play on Feb. 25.